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7 On Your Side helps Redwood City man exchange Apple gift card Email

Abc7news Mar 9: Seven On Your Side’s Michael Finney helps a Redwood City man exchange an Apple (archive) gift card after the company said… (more…)

Dumbarton Study Update with SamTran’s Planning Director

Sf Streetsblog Mar 9: …of old railway tracks that runs from Caltrain’s mainline in Redwood City,… Wall Street is also mentioned (archive) (more…)

Jed Low is a big baby in ‘Subculture’ at Cinequest

Mercurynews Mar 8: At CineArts Santana Row and March eleven at 10:50 in the morning at the Century twenty Redwood City.…come back to the same fest (illustration: Deviant Art) and play an… (more…)

Overheated construction market delays opening of new high school in Menlo Park

Almanacnews Mar 8: The district also announced the appointment of Michael Kuliga, an administrative vice principal at Sequoia High School in Redwood City, as principal for the brand new school. (more…)

Woodside: Memories (and tips) of a former laundry pro

Almanacnews Mar 8: The brand new owner at Canada Cleaners is Carlos Arias, for fifteen years on the staff at Helen’s One Hour Cleaners & Laundry on Woodside Road in Redwood City, Ms. Hunnicutt said. (more…)

Police blotter: Three shoplifters with replica gun arrested

Mercurynews Mar 8: REDWOOD CITY (more…)

Police blotter: Man arrested for child pornography

Mercurynews Mar 8: REDWOOD CITY…27 A witness remarked someone wearing a baseball illustration:… (more…)

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Redwood City (Block5)

Feature: Former assemblyman says government should bring people together

Long article from Almanacnews Mar 13: He continued youth work at YMCAs in Orange County and Redwood City, and in nonprofits he founded, including Daybreak, an eight-bed facility for homeless youth in Redwood City, and Mime’s Cafe in Redwood City,… (more…)

Off-site affordable housing proposed for Broadway Plaza: Redwood City Council set to review plan amendment allowing 120 affordable units

Smdailyjournal Mar 11: As plans to bring hundreds of residential units and additional commercial space to Redwood City’s Broadway Plz. take shape,… (more…)

Helping students see themselves as artists: Student, professional art to mingle at reception

Smdailyjournal has a long article Mar 10: Peninsula students will have a window into the life of an artist at the Art Center of Redwood City and San Carlos’ 1st Young Artists Reception Friday. (more…)

Step by step: Attorney Daniel Saver battles for affordable housing in Bay Area

Long article from Mercurynews Mar 9: For example, in Redwood City a little over a year ago, a speculator purchased an 85-unit apartment complex and immediately began to evict all the families living there. (more…)


Redwood City (Block6)

394 Genoa Drive, Redwood City, CA 94065

Youtube: Keller Williams Realty PA 65…